Zenoss Control Center

Control Center is an open source application management and orchestration system. Control Center can not only manage the Zenoss platform but other Docker applications, from a simple web application to a multi-tiered stateful application stack.

Control Center Host Performance Monitoring

Control Center is based on a service oriented architecture which enables applications to run as a set of distributed services that can span hosts, datacenters, and geographic regions. A simple declarative application template file is used to describe how an application is configured, deployed, managed, and monitored.

Application Topology View - ELK Stack

Monitoring anything and everything is part of our DNA here at Zenoss, so we have built declarative monitoring support into Control Center. Applications can be automatically monitored and modeled upon provisioning.

    Control Center key features:

  • Intuitive HTML5 user interface for application deployment and management
  • Application topology visualization - know where your apps are and how they are connected
  • Automated application discovery, configuration, deployment, and availability monitoring
  • Application multi-instance and distributed host support
  • Integrated backup/restore and incremental snapshot/rollback support
  • Simple to manage and deploy application templates for rapid application provisioning
  • Built-in application logging via Elasticsearch
  • Resource based Application service scheduler - schedule based on available resources across one or many hosts at runtime
  • Stateful application support which includes support for database services and other persistent services
  • Transparent SSL transport encryption across all application services/containers
  • REST based API for easy integration into other management tools
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The Control Center project aims to build a great community that builds software needed to deploy, manage, monitor, and scale enterprise applications. We rely on several open source projects:

  • Docker & Docker Registry for deploying and managing containers
  • OpenTSDB & HBase for storing/querying performance data
  • Elasticsearch & Logstash for domain data and logs
  • Zookeeper for cluster coordination
  • AngularJS, Bootstrap, and nvd3.js for UI
  • Linux kernel for NFS, Btrfs, and cgroups

Over time we hope that our project can incorporate some of the technology of other Docker-based orchestrators and vice/versa.

Many of the developers of the control center can be found on on #zenoss on IRC. You can also raise issues on github or post questions to the Zenoss forums.

Report Issues
You can raise issues on Zenoss Control Center JIRA project. Zenoss uses JIRA internally to drive development, QA and customer issues.

Check out the Code
Contributing to the project is easy. Fill out the Control Center CLA. A zenoss representative will send you an email after they’ve received your submission. When you open a pull request to one of the control center repos, your github handle will be validated against our CLA database.

The Control Center project is provided under the Apache 2.0 license. © 2015 Zenoss Control Center ·2015-05-22 14:29:19 +0000