Services table

Note: The preceding example is truncated, to save space.

This table lists all of the services associated with an application.

Column Contents
Application The service name and its relationship to the preceding service.
  • If a service is not indented, it is a peer of the preceding service.
  • If a service is indented, it is a subservice of the preceding service.
Each service name is a link to the details page of the service.
Status The current state of the service, represented by an icon.
The service is running.
The state of the service is unknown.
The service is not running.
Host The name of the resource pool host on which an instance of the service is running.
  • If more than one instance is running, the number is noted parenthetically.
  • The host name is a link to the Hosts details page.
Startup Command The bash command that starts an instance of the service in a container.
Actions The controls for starting and stopping a service.
  • The Stop control stops all instances of the service, and discards the containers in which the instances were running.
  • The Start control creates new containers for the required number of instances, and use the startup command to start instances in the containers.

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